BGTP Bright Friday™ COVID-Friendly Ideas

November 12, 2020 6 min read

BGTP Bright Friday™ COVID-Friendly Ideas

Over the years the Be Good to People Foundation has hosted and inspired countless kindness activations though Bright Friday™ has become the Foundation's signature program that our community looks forward to each year.

Bright Friday was created by Be Good to People® in 2014 in an effort to refocus people’s attention on the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday. We celebrate Bright Friday the day after Thanksgiving because on Thursday we give thanks and on Friday we give back.

Gather safely (thank you, Zoom!) with your loved ones on Thanksgiving and have conversations around what you're grateful for this year. Even in 2020 we know you can come up with a decent gratitude list. Discuss how you can use the gifts you've been given and are grateful for to go out and serve others.

On Friday, it's time to put your gratitude in action to give back!

Now more than ever, our world is in need of kindness and some extra love. It has been a tough year for most everyone and we know Bright Friday 2020 is going to have to look a lot different than years past - mask up, maintain your social distance and for heaven's sake, no big gatherings, Good people! We will not let a nasty virus stop us from Spreading the Good™! We're "pivoting" once again for these "unprecedented" times and have provided some Good ideas below. We'd love to hear yours too - please tell us in the comments below what you and your BGTP fam are planning!

Pass out BGTP stickers in your community
One of the easiest ways to Spread the Good™ is through sharing the BGTP message! With our BGTP stickers you can easily pass the message along in your community OR use them to add a finishing touch for your holiday presents this year!

BGTP Tip: Buy any Long Sleeve item before November 30th, 2020 you get a FREE 10-pack of our Signature Round Stickers! (perfect to pass out on Bright Friday!)

Make sure to use BRIGHTFRIDAYLS at checkout! (Only 1 discount code can be used per order)

Donate school supplies or gift cards to teachers
Teachers across the world are working more than ever to bring education into our homes virtually and they deserve some Good too! If you have old school supplies or can afford to buy new ones, reach out to your local teachers and schools and see what’s in need. Or make it easy and donate a gift card to the local schools to help with any virtual learning needs.


Donate to local homeless shelters
Homeless shelters often see a spike during the colder winter months, so look around your house and see if you have any gently used jackets, blankets, or even socks that you can donate to your local shelter! Don’t forget most accept clothes and non-perishable food items year round!

BGTP Tip: check with your local shelter and see if there are particular items they are in higher need of!

Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in awhile
One of the hardest parts of 2020 has been the lack of social connection. We miss our friends and family more than ever and it is important to check in on those, even when they don’t reach out. We can guarantee a surprise phone call to a loved one will bring a smile to all parties!

Cards, flowers, and artwork for grandparents and local senior centers
Speaking of missing our family members, seniors in nursing homes or living centers are feeling the effects of isolation more than most. Brighten their days by writing a sweet letter or have your children create artwork that you can drop off at the center or hang in their windows outside.


hare kind reviews of small and local businesses to help boost their businesses
With government shutdowns and countless business closures, small and local businesses are in need of some extra Good this year. We can all help our favorite businesses by sharing their social pages, writing positive and kind reviews on their websites and review pages, and of course, purchasing, if you can!

Take a walk with your family and pick up litter you see
Whether you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood, along the beach, or hiking up the mountain - bring a disposable bag and gloves with you and help give back to our planet by picking up any litter you see!

Offer to run errands for elderly family members or parents

Some of the most “normal” activities seem scary nowadays, especially for those that are at higher risk during the pandemic. Simply offering to pick up dinner, groceries, or dry cleaning for someone can rid them of a major weight on their shoulder!

BGTP Tip: if you’re already headed to the store for your own groceries, check in on your elderly family members or neighbors and see if there are any last minute items they need while you are out!

Help out with house chores
This one is for the kids and siblings out there! See the dishwasher needs to be unloaded or laundry needs to be folded? Take the initiative and check off some of your family’s to-do list for them (before they even have to ask you!). Trust us, this one will win you some brownie points at home!

Post positive notes around your community
Nothing brightens someone’s day quite like an unexpected positive message! Post signs around your community sidewalks, apartment buildings, neighborhoods, office buildings, and online.

BGTP Tip: use bright colored post-it notes or our Legacy Post-it Note Cube so your message really stands out!

Give a compliment to every person you see that day
Just as reading a positive message, giving a single compliment can truly turn a person's day around. Whether it’s a compliment on their work ethic, humor, or how strong they’ve been this year, let those you see on Bright Friday know!

Offer free virtual tutoring sessions/lessons on topics you are a specialist in
Know how to play the guitar? Know another language? Enjoy choreographing dance routines? Why not share your skillset with the masses! Offering virtual lessons can not only brighten someone’s day, it can also launch your personal business forward and get your book of testimonials started!

Put together care packages for military, veterans, and first responders
Many Americans spend the holidays away from family and getting a special Bright Friday care package could be just what they need to get through this holiday season. Not sure what to include? Love notes, hand sanitizer, masks, calling cards, homemade gifts, the list goes on! The more personal the better!

Tip well for essential workers and all restaurant staff
This one might cost you a few extra bucks but the power of a Good tip goes a long way, especially for those working in the service industry which has seen a dramatic decrease in clientele this year. Even if you can give 22% instead of your usual 20%, it will make a difference!

BGTP Tip: leave a sweet thank you or note of encouragement along with the tip!


Have your kids write encouraging messages on the neighborhood sidewalks/driveways
One of the easiest and fun ways to get the kids involved in Bright Friday. Find some chalk around the house or pick up a kit and have your children write kind messages in your driveway or along the neighbor sidewalks (if allowed).

BGTP Tip: peak out your window and enjoy as passerbyers smile reading your children’s messages!

Place large signs with kind messages in your window so people who drive/walk by will be inspired
Similar to passing out love notes or decorating your driveway with positive messages, you can easily write
“Be Good to People” and hang it in your window as a reminder for those walking by this holiday season!

These are just suggestions and we certainly don’t expect you to complete the entire list but incorporating a few of these kindness acts into your Bright Friday is sure to bring love, smiles, and all around Good vibes to you and your community this year!

Never underestimate the power a little Good can do!

Don’t forget toPLEDGE to participate and help us get all 50 states involved in 2020 Bright Friday AND share your #BGTPBrightFriday stories and pictures with us via social media or by emailing

We can’t wait to see how you Spread the Good this year!

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