This year we have had the great pleasure of being the inaugural Presenting Sponsor
of a wonderful kindness event called 31 Days of Kindness from the Big Shifts Foundation.

How It All Began...

What started as a casual conversation at a Vail Farmer's Market between our founder, Kris Wittenberg and Dr. Michelle Robin, founder of the Big Shifts Foundation, has blossomed into a personal and professional friendship over many years, based on a mutual desire to spread the Be Good to People® message.

Dr. Robin has been one of Be Good to People’s greatest supporters over the years – in fact she and Kris joke about who has more BGTP in her closet as they both are known to wear some type of BGTP apparel daily. Through her retail shop at Your Wellness Connection, her Small Changes Big Shifts podcast, her public speaking and renowned involvement in the Kansas City community, Michelle has shared the BGTP message with tens of thousands of people.



We were thrilled to be a part of the 31 Days of Kindness campaign’s great success and look forward to continuing to support the program, including presenting the on-going program to our Be Good to People community in the future.


We would like to give a huge Thank You to Dr. Michelle Robin and her incredible community, for their efforts to create a kinder world!

The BGTP Foundation

For every purchase of Be Good to People® merchandise 2% goes directly to the Be Good to People Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit whose sole mission is to create a kinder world. Aside from the inspired kindness BGTP retail products create everywhere they travel, the Foundation puts BGTP into action in three distinct ways:

1. Celebrating People & Organizations who are Being Good to People. We call them GoodDoers™.

2. Creating & Supporting People-Centered Kindness Events. Our signature event is Bright Friday™, held the day after Thanksgiving each year.

3. Cultivating Kinder Environments in Schools & Organizations.Teaching young people and adults what Kindness looks and feels like.

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