Create Goodness

Can You help?  We Would LOVE It!

We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and help from our Be good to people.® community! We're often asked "can I help?" and the answer is "You CAN!" And we would absolutely love your help! Below are some ways you can get involved and the best ways for you to connect with us!


We know you're social like us, so let's be social together!  We'd love to have you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can also Pin us (you'll be inspired by our boards)!  Even better, we'd love to hear your Be Good to People story!  Remember to tag us (@begoodtopeople, #begoodtopeople, #BGTP) in your posts or photos or send your story or picture to  We've been known to send some Good-ies™ to our social crew, so get in on the fun!  Remember to opt in and sign up for our email list (at the bottom of this page).  You'll stay informed about the Good stuff going on, without being worried about your privacy. Don’t worry….we are big on Being Good to People, so your information is secure with us! 


We're putting the final touches on our Be good to people.® school programs... how cool is that?!? Our fundraising program allows schools to raise money with positive, simple messaging and cool products (that people actually want to buy)! The Be good to people.® foundation provides programming and materials through the generous donations of corporate and private foundations and your product purchases. Be good to people.® creates a kinder environment at the student, teacher, administrative, parent and community levels. If you're interested in connecting with us about our Be good to people.® school fundraising program, please click here.

Include kindness in your next event, and watch magic happen!

Family reunion?  Company Picnic?  Girls Get-Away?  Start a kindness conversation with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Plan events around doing kind things for others... anything to help balance out the "not so good" in our lives.  Be sure to give away some Good-ies™ too, like our BGTP Stickers or Good-doer™ Button.  Let us know the impact of your event through social media (@begoodtopeople, #begoodtopeople, #BGTP) or connect with us directly, if you prefer. We'd love to share your story and the impact it had.