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Goodness comes full circle! Our Be Good to People® Classic Printed Rubber Bands are a fantastic reminder throughout the day. Be creative with your bands - stack them, close up that bag of chocolate chips so they don't spill but definitely do NOT shoot one at your irritating co-worker. That is NOT Being Good to People! ;-) 

These bands are biodegradable, earth-friendly and they're Made in the USA (Yay!)

 - Small Bands are approximately 3" in diameter and 3/8" wide.

 - Large Bands are approximately 3.5" in diamer and 3/8" wide.

 Available Pack Sizes:(*Packs will include half white and half black bands with Be good to people.® screen printed on one side of the band.)





 ***NOTE: If you need more of a pack than we have in stock please email as we may be able to accomodate your needs.***

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Bands are screen printed on rubber and the imprint will fade. Skin oils/perspiration as well as some lotions, soaps and sunscreens may remove the imprint on contact.

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