Our Mission

Delicious, refreshing soul-quenching lemonade can be made from life's lemons. 

That's what happened when our founder was inspired to put

"Be good to people.®" on a t-shirt after a rude experience with a stranger. 

That random encounter forever changed her life and continues to change countless moments...days...stories... as this simple message travels the world on stylish and useful apparel and lifestyle accessories, all in black and white, because it really is that simple...
Be good to people.®

BGTP products provide a much needed reminder, a call to action and welcome relief in a complicated world.

Visually impactful, our products move the movement.

At Be Good to People® we believe that business plays an important role in making this world a better place.  When you buy BGTP products, you create more kindness in the world.   

For every BGTP item sold, 5% of the sale goes to our non-profit foundation. 

The Be good to people.® Foundation is also fueled by private donations, corporate, private and government grants. The foundation supports and creates human kindness-centered events such as 24 Hours of Kindness™ and Bright Friday™ and recognizes people who are Being Good to People all over the world.