About us

The idea for Be good to people.® was inspired by a rude experience that founder Kris Wittenberg had back in the spring of 2008 while running errands at lunch. The exact bad experience has long been forgotten but the idea that people need to be better to one another has not.

Once back in the office of her promotional products company, SayNoMore! Promotions, she exasperatingly asked, “WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST BE GOOD TO PEOPLE?” Given her entrepreneurial spirit, her experience creating logo’d products and her longing for a friendlier world, she decided to put “Be good to people.®” on a t-shirt and send a message to the world.  BGTP, the brand and the movement, was instantly born. Everything about Be good to people.® is black and white because really, it isthat simple.

Kris’ passion and longing to pursue a kinder world filled her soul and heart, but the reality of running two growing companies finally proved to be too much. Kris had to make a choice; the needs of SayNoMore! Promotions, her rapidly growing promotions company, prevented her from fully immersing herself into Be good to people.®

She knew in her soul that Be good to people.® was her life’s work and that it needed…deserved…her focused attention to make it the movement and sustainable business she knew that it was destined to be.

Change, of course, doesn’t happen overnight. Kris and her husband gave thoughtful consideration to how they could make both SayNoMore! Promotions AND Be good to people.® a priority. The answer came through soul searching, countless meaningful conversations with peers, and one particularly impactful business meeting where it became very clear to Kris that she was not living her true calling. She knew she had to take bold action. So, she registered and attended Oprah’s The Life you Want Weekend and journeyed to Seattle…of course wearing her favorite Be good to people.® shirt and Spreading the Good each day. The payoff was HUGE. She came away from that event inspired, validated in her decision to move Be good to people.® forward, and willing to take further courageous ACTION.

Kris continues to oversee the vision and direction of SNMP.  She has entrusted her beloved husband, Augie, whose background in finance and his ability to oversee operations makes him the perfect person to oversee the day-to-day of SNMP under Kris' continued leadership. Kris is now officially able to focus on developing Be good to people.® As in any business, or in life in general, “no risk, no reward.” Kris is finally “in”.

The Be good to people.® product line has grown from a simple shirt to a fashionable assortment of useful items that people see, wear, or carry throughout the day. And, we’ve learned that not only are the products cool and share an important message, but they inspire kinder and positive action. People behave better when they are wearing or using Be good to people.® gear or when they see it on someone else.

  • They pause before reacting.
  • They put someones' needs before their own.
  • They go out of their way to make another persons day.

Simply put, Be good to people.® creates infectious positivity. We invite you to participate in this amazing movement.

Let entrepreneurialism, dreams, hope, and GOOD allow us to all live the life we want.

And that, friends, is the magic of Be good to people.®  We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us.