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#RAKweek18 SUNDAY: Get Out and Be Good to People

#RAKweek18 SUNDAY: Get Out and Be Good to People

We know, it’s February. It is highly possible that where you are, it’s grey and possibly drizzly or even cold or snowy. That’s a beautiful opportunity to think (heart)warming thoughts, grab your warm weather gear, and head out into the beautiful day to make someone else’s day awesome

#RAKweek18 Here's the Schedule!

#RAKweek18 Here's the Schedule!

It's one of our favorite times of the year, National Random Acts of Kindness Week - and Be Good to People has a week planned with all kinds of Good-ness!

The Best Way We Know to Deal with #ThisWorld

The Best Way We Know to Deal with #ThisWorld

In this ever-crazy world, it is increasingly difficult to be positive, to have hope, to pick yourself back up again and carry on.

We have to though.

If you're reading this...we know that you get it.

The only thing that we actually have control over is our own behavior.

How we react to things.

How we treat other people. 

Here at Be Good to People, we believe that Good will prevail.

And there is sooooo much Good around us. We have to keep looking for it.

Recognizing it.

Being grateful for it.

Focusing on it.

Celebrating it.

Creating it.

Each of us is responsible for helping Good win. 

Some days it is more difficult...

Okay, where did summer go?!?

Okay, where did summer go?!?

If your summer was like ours, “Back to School” arrived faster than the end of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on The Bachelor Finale night! Here at Be Good to People we’re scurrying into the school year – sending our beybehs off with the best preparation for an awesome year ahead. We wanted to share some Good tips on how to set kids up for success.