#RAKweek18 WEDNESDAY: Be Good to People Who May Be Missing Their Valentines

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” is the standard greeting for today and the day is bound to be full of all kinds of not-so-random acts of kindness, due to the nature of the holiday. There will be lots of love declared and masses of people celebrating being in love today. Our hearts are full of happiness just thinking of the love energy that will be radiating in the world

For many though, Valentine’s Day is very painful and it is toward these fellow humans we would like to direct our attention this, the Wednesday of Random Acts of Kindness Week.


Today let’s go out and make people who have lost their Valentine feel loved and appreciated. Today will inevitably bring sadness as they hear and see Valentine’s Day reminders that are everywhere – on phones, TV, magazines, radio, and signs in the windows of local businesses. Every time they see or hear that message they will be reminded that they no longer have that person that they loved and who loved them. Even the most resilient people can’t help but notice the reminders.

So today is a Good day to reach out and lift the spirits of any people in your life who may be feeling the deluge of Valentine’s Day media messages. 


  • Stop by a senior center where there are likely residents who have lost spouses and are alone today. You could bring flowers, a puzzle, a box of chocolates, or if you perform music, bring your instrument and give a little concert. Have you kids draw happy pictures or sing songs with the seniors. If you have a small dog and the senior center allows it, bring the fur baby by for a senior snuggle! Just to be there and give them company may bring lots of smiles to seniors today.
  • If you have a friend who has recently become separated or divorced from a spouse or someone who has had a bad breakup, drop off a little Valentine at their work or send a special Valentine e-greeting to cheer them.

  • You could bring cheer to a widow or widower – even if they lost their true love years and years ago…what a lovely day brightener it would be for them to receive a Valentine from you celebrating the love that they shared and that you are thinking of them today.

  • Remembering a military spouse who has their true love deployed by sending a special Valentine’s Day surprise would totally make their day. Just knowing that someone is thinking of them in this way is sure to bring a smile.

  • Valentine’s Day could be especially painful for a family who has recently lost their mom. Parents, and moms, in particular, are often the Valentine’s Day directors of the home. If you know someone who has recently lost their mom (or Dad if you knew the Dad to be the family’s Valentine head of the household), it might be a real comfort for them to receive a special Valentine message acknowledging that this might be a difficult day and you know how much their mom loved making their Valentine’s Day special so you wanted to reach out and send your love.

  • And finally, let's also remember our friends who may not have lost a Valentine, but who may be feeling lonely without someone to call a Valentine this year. Doing a little Random Act of Kindness for someone who may be feeling alone would be a really Good thing to do today. 


These are just a few ideas and we hope you will join us in Being Good to People Who May Be Missing Their Valentines today. Please let us know what you did to bring cheer to your loved ones today. As always, we thank you for being on this kindness crusade with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, each and every person in our Be Good to People community, who we love so very much!

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  • Love this, these are beautiful ways to share the love. Thanks a million.

    • Debra Jason