#RAKweek18 TUESDAY: Be Good to People Keeping Us Safe + Healthy

Hey all - welcome to Tuesday! We're making our way through National Random Acts of Kindness week and we are really excited about today's theme:


We are in awe of the people who we are recognizing today. This day is about doing kind acts for the people who dedicate their lives to keeping people healthy, safe, protected, supported and those who serve to protect our country – our rights and freedoms. They often sacrifice their own safety, time with their families and the comforts that most of us enjoy at home or the office to stand tall in the face of tragedy, the enemy, life-threatening illnesses and injuries and all kinds of dangerous situations that would send most running in the other direction.

  • The firefighters who run into burning buildings - RUN. INTO. BURNING. BUILDINGS.
  • Our military personnel serving here and abroad to protect the rights and freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States of America – and their families who love and miss them.
  • The counselors and therapists who comfort hurting minds and souls and so often save lives.
  • The Paramedics who rush to help where help is needed and perform life-saving acts often in total chaos.
  • Police officers who put their lives on the line every single day – can you imagine going to your job each day wondering if you are going to make it home? Okay, so these brave people probably don’t think that each day. That’s why they’re in law enforcement and we are not. We are just super grateful for them.
  • The Nurses and Doctors who care for us and our loved ones 24/7/365. They see pain, illness and death all day, every day, and they continue to show up, care and comfort us.
  • The volunteers who show up in disaster situations to lend a hand to those suffering and do the heavy lifting when more hands are needed.
  • Here in Colorado, we depend greatly on our Search and Rescue team – all volunteers! – who go out into the backcountry or whitewater to search for injured or missing hikers, skiers, hunters

Today we celebrate and give thanks to people in all of the professions above, and the others who keep us safe and healthy who we may not have mentioned.

Let’s get out and say thank you and brighten the days of these courageous, compassionate, brave people.

Here at Be Good to People we are delivering donuts, flowers in the cutest little mason jars, homemade cookies and of course some little BGTP Goodies to local people and agencies who do so much to care for all of us.

We look forward to hearing your RAKs today – please post them below or share on social media using the #RAKweek18 and #BGTP tags. Thank you for being a part of this week with us and the amazing people who started the week, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Be sure to go visit their site and check out all of the beautiful work that they do. We are huge, HUGE fans here at BGTP!


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