#RAKweek18 SUNDAY: Get Out and Be Good to People

YIPPEE!!! It’s going to be a GOOD week!

Today is the first day of National Random Acts of Kindness Week and we are encouraging all of you to “Get Out and Be Good to People.”

What does that mean?

It means get out of your house!

Get some fresh air!

Whether you go solo or gather your family or tribe…make an effort to spend the day enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the people around you.

We know, it’s February. It is highly possible that where you are, it’s grey and possibly drizzly or even cold or snowy. That’s a beautiful opportunity to think (heart)warming thoughts, grab your warm weather gear, and head out into the beautiful day to make someone else’s day awesome.


Here in beautiful Vail, we are going to take the opportunity to warm some hearts on the slopes with the help of our friends at our favorite coffee shop of all-time, Yeti’s Grind.

  • We’ve partnered with Yeti’s to deliver piping hot, delicious coffee to people hanging out in the Vail Village this afternoon. And we’re delivering it in an adorable, reusable Be Good to People tumbler!
  • We’re bringing smiles to visitors by carrying their skis, boards to lighten their load.
  • We’re handing out bags with treats including our best-lip-balm-ever Be Good to People Signature SPF 15 Lip Balm and an awesome, high-quality BGTP Signature Round Sticker that looks great on a snowboard, laptop or car.

We'll be sure to capture all the Good and share it with you in the week ahead.


  • Hold the door open at a busy building. Smile big and wish people a beautiful day!
  • Bring extra blankets to share with chilly spectators at your kids’ sporting event.
  • Waiting in line somewhere? Let some people go ahead of you. It costs nothing and it's sure to bring a smile.
  • Leave sticky notes with positive messages in random spots about town for people to discover – if you have the means, tape the notes to some $1 or $5 bills and invite them to get a treat for themselves on you.
  • Gather up warm weather gear (coats, mittens, hats, scarves, warm socks) you don’t use anymore then create signs to pin on each piece inviting people to take it if they need it and leave the items tied around a light pole, street sign, or folded neatly on a park bench.
  • Pay the toll for someone behind you…or if you have the means, the next five people! If you plan ahead, give the tollbooth worker some little surprise like a rose, a cheerful quote on a little note or a gift card for a yummy coffee
  • Are you in a warm climate? Put up a little FREE REFRESHMENT stand by a busy running trail and offer lemonade or homemade cookies or even just cold water to the people out there getting some exercise.
  • If the snow is falling in your area…head out to shovel your neighbor’s sidewalks. This is especially great if you can do it for someone who could really use the help - a single mom, an elderly person, or someone who struggles to get around.
  • Make colorful cards full of inspirational messages and place them in people’s mailboxes. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner it could be fun to make them anonymous Valentines!
  • Offer to walk your neighbor’s dogs – it’s a kind gesture and you’ll Be Good to Yourself by getting some exercise!

We look forward to hearing your “Get Out and Be Good to People” ideas and what you did to celebrate today! Share in the comments below or better yet, post a pic, video or your story and be sure to tag @BeGoodToPeople AND use the hashtags #RAKweek18 and #BGTP.

We’ll be looking for your posts and who knows…we may be awarding some very special Be Good to People prizes to some randomly selected posts!

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