#RAKweek18 SATURDAY: Be Good to People Randomly

This has been ONE. FULL. WEEK. over here at Be Good to People.® and as sad as we are to see Random Acts of Kindness week come to an end, we are looking forward to continuing on Being Good to People with a little less pressure to be all formal about it. : -)  As you can tell if you have been following us this week, we kind of missed yesterday’s post. Lots of Good intentions and then #lifegotlifey so we are doing a little adjustment to the calendar and moving yesterday’s theme to today.

As often happens in life, an unfortunate situation on the surface turns out to be a blessing in disguise. We were totally excited about every theme this week except the one we were kind of not feeling terribly creative about was the one we had scheduled for today, Be Good to People Working Weekends. We just didn’t have a whole lot of exceptionally cool ideas on it. We’re not ruling out RAK’s for People Working Weekends. You can TOTALLY go brighten a weekend warrior’s day with a RAK and we would love it! We’re just making the day a bit broader by moving yesterday’s theme today AND, we actually think it is the best theme for the last day anyway.


Yes, today’s theme is the perfect way to wrap up a most awesome Random Acts of Kindness week yet! We are asking you to go out and just randomly Be Good to People. The opportunities are ENDLESS!

Don’t have a lot of money and thinking today’s call to action isn’t for you? We hear you! The Good news is, kindness doesn’t have to cost a THING. A smile is free.

In a grumpy mood so you don’t think you’re going to participate? we guarantee you, Being Good to People will turn that frown upside down. In scientific studies, participants who practiced kindness experienced a significant boost in happiness. Good deeds do in fact make people feel good.

Kindness Makes You Happy, and Happiness Makes You Kind (Alex Dixon)

Have you historically not been into the whole “random acts of kindness” thing and you’re thinking you can’t participate today because you aren’t in kindness activism shape? Think again! Studies show that compassion is innate, and can be strengthened like a muscle. This great article from The Washington Post gives a wonderful exercise to get started on increasing compassion where you close your eyes and think kind thoughts for people in your life, expanding from your loved ones to everyone and eventually thinking kind thoughts even for people you are having difficulty with. The author had fantastic results when he tried it himself; eventually testing it while walking through mid-town Manhattan being in a rather drab mood. As he thought “loving kindness” thoughts for the people he passed, he found that by the end of the walk he was smiling broadly.

Stuck at work, laid up with the nasty flu that’s going around and have very little energy or just not in the mood to participate? We encourage to steeeeeeeeeetch a bit. Do one little thing. For us? Really, it’s for you.Even if it’s sending a text to someone you love who you haven’t talked to in awhile saying, “Hey there, I was just thinking about you and wanted you to know that I love you” or even bolder, send a text to someone you have had a disagreement with whose friendship you truly value and take the high road, “Hey there, I wanted to tell you I’m sorry for my part in our argument the other day. I care about our friendship and hope we can talk through this.”

There is no excuse for not participating today!

Around here we have all kinds of fun little things planned. Kid-drawn pictures and notes with flowers going to our local senior center, paying for people’s movies at the local movie theatre, delivering little Goodie bags to our neighbors, putting inspirational notes on people’s windshields, taping quarters to the gumball machines and microwave popcorn packets to the movie rental box at the grocery store with little notes wishing people a Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day. We’ll be sure to post pics!



  • Go to Yelp online and write a nice review of your favorite local business.
  • Hang out at the mall and hold the door open for people. Be sure to smile and wish them a beautiful day!
  • Leave love notes around the house for your spouse, kid/s or roommate/s.
  • If you’re a kid clean up your entire room today – even under the bed!
  • Post your favorite clean, funny joke on your social media for people to enjoy.
  • Compliment a parent on how impressed you are with their child’s manners.
  • If you’re in a warm weather climate and have a garden, pick some flowers and put them in a little vase or a jelly jar with the label removed. Deliver them with a friendly note to a neighbor, grandparent or your favorite local business.
  • If you’re in a colder climate and the snow is coming down, brush off people’s windshields or shovel their walks.
  • Offer to babysit for free for a friend or neighbor.
  • Donate blood.


  • Buy a pack of cute note cards and write notes filled with kind words to 3 or 4 long-distance friends. Or hand deliver them to friends nearby!
  • Put together a few care packages with granola bars or other non-perishable snacks, tissue packs, warm socks, a comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a friendly, inspirational note. Deliver them to people who are living on the streets.
  • One of our favorite ideas because it can be a fun family activity is to paint kindness rocks (you really have to watch the video on the homepage – grab a tissue!) and distribute them throughout your town or neighborhood. What a delight it is to come upon a beautiful, inspirational message unexpectedly!
  • Bake a batch of homemade treats, put them on a small paper plate wrapped securely in plastic wrap with a thoughtful, inspirational note for your mail carrier thanking them for delivering your mail every day.
  • Leave a package of diapers and wipes on a changing table in a public restroom – what a relief for the mom


  • Leave a SUPER generous tip for the barista or server who always has a smile for you – or a brand new one who just did a great job!
  • Head over to the grocery store or local department store and hang out near the checkout. Look for someone who really looks like they could use a break or someone who you observe going out of their way to be kind to the clerk or another shopper. When it comes time for them to pay, step in and let them know that you would like to pay their bill for them.
  • Head to the toy store and pick out an assortment of toys to purchase and bring to your local children’s hospital. Be careful to check with hospital’s guidelines so that you bring toys that are safe for the kids.
  • Use an online freelance site and hire someone to create a beautiful portrait for someone who has recently lost a loved one or a beloved pet. What a treasured gift it would be. As always with these sites, be sure to use a freelancer with good reviews.
  • Road trip! Jump in your car (or on a plane or a train or a bus…whatever works best for you) and SHOW UP at the doorstep of a friend or loved one in need. Make sure to find out (covertly – remember, it’s supposed to be a surprise) if they will be home first and that your arrival won’t be a hardship. Show up and help in any way you can – clean the house, cook meals, sit and do puzzles and have wonderful together time, do yard work, help get a mess organized, do some heavy lifting, shower the person with all of their favorite treats and just “be there” for the person. One of the very best things we can do is let our loved ones know how much they are loved. Especially during times of illness, financial struggle, divorce or death…people may not ask for your help but they really, REALLY need it. Of course, like most RAK’s, this one will probably give you as much of a lift as the other person.

We know that you will come up with all kinds of awesome Random Acts of Kindness today and we can’t wait to hear all about them! Please be sure to share in the comments below or post on our Be Good to People Facebook Page or Twitter (be sure to use @begoodtopeople and #BGTP #RAKweek18 in your post).


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